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Enjoy a comfortable ride with the push of a button. HyperCommute brings to you an Uber-like on-demand service, enabled in partnership with the local municipality and transit agency, offered by trained drivers on comfortable vehicles and made available at lowest guaranteed fares.

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HyperCommute offers a seamless end-to-end booking and travel experience with all the mobility services available at your fingertips. You can request a ride on your preferred transportation mode with the push of a button. Sit back and relax as a qualified driver will soon be on your way to pick you up.
Anytime, Everytime! Hyper-Bliss, Right?

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We make transfers seamless without having to wait too long or risking missing the connections. All transportation modes are tightly integrated to make sure that our riders reach their destination on time. In the event of breakdowns, we provide backup service immediately. Save time, Spread a few Smiles, Enjoy the Comfort. With so much you can do, Do it all Hyper-Brisk. Be a wizard and get all you need with a dance of your fingertips. Savvy!

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Search your destination or select it from the list below.

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Search and select a pickup location. We will point you to the nearest walkable boarding point.

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Select and confirm booking options. You can add extra passengers or opt for wheelchair assistance. Different modes and travel options are listed one below the other.

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We enable seamless connection with the driver. You can track your ride and communicate with the operator or driver with short messages. The app sends alerts and notifications as the driver is approaching.

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Hyper-Commute is designed to be brisk, simple and intuitive. The app offers plethora of options laid out in clear, recognizable format available at your fingertips.

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